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Car Culture at Large
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    No, I didn’t sell it. I admit the title may have been slightly misleading, but by ‘home’ I simply meant that, along with my chopped ’51 Kaiser, Project Trailhunter has a new garage. This required my absence not only from this site, but also from swinging wrenches for about six months, while my father-in-law and I literally […]

    The post The Trailhunter Gets A New Home (& EFI) appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    One of the most common debates in auto racing and sports culture itself is whether or not race car drivers are athletes. Naysayers will argue that race car drivers are simply operating machines and shouldn’t be considered athletes. But the physical strain, necessary reflexes and hand-eye coordination needed for success in auto racing argues otherwise. If you’ve […]

    The post Drifting By Hand: The Chairslayer 180SX appeared first on Speedhunters.

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  • 02/07/17--01:00: It’s Big In Australia
  • Travelling around the planet with Speedhunters has made me more aware of this than I probably ever would have otherwise. It’s pretty amazing how different countries and cultures interpret what makes a great build and how different two of the same car can ultimately turn out, depending on where they are built. I think there […]

    The post It’s Big In Australia appeared first on Speedhunters.

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  • 03/07/17--12:00: A Classic Z In Dubai
  • For me, this was especially true, even before landing in Dubai to witness Nakai-san of RWB complete his first triple build. I received messages across my social channels with guys keen to share their automotive passion with me, and day after day I had incredible cars to look at. When the timing worked out, I was able to actually […]

    The post A Classic Z In Dubai appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    Saito is definitely a guy that likes to challenge himself and step out of his comfort zone, which is pretty much the opposite of what the vast majority of Japanese D1 Grand Prix drivers have done over the years. To me, the latter has really held the D1GP series back; aside from poor management and a backwards way of marketing, there’s never been anything new to keep […]

    The post 800hp, 900kg: Daigo Saito’s D1 Corvette appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    Before you read on, there’s a caveat to this spotlight: there aren’t any full pictures of the car. Unusual as it might be, due to the positioning of the car, its proximity to others and its dark colour resting half in full sunshine and half in the shade, it made it too difficult to get […]

    The post The Hidden 880hp E30 At Players Classic appeared first on Speedhunters.

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  • 07/10/17--06:00: Breaking The Mold
  • It’s time for another I Am The Speedhunter submission, and this time around Dave Thomas takes us on a tour of a show-stopping, yet completely functional Mazda Miata from Ontario, Canada. At the sight of flares, CCW wheels and a big wing, some of you are likely already on your way down to the comment box to bemoan […]

    The post Breaking The Mold appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    If you caught Larry’s recent behind-the-scenes story on the filming of Battle Drift 2, you’ll know that Steve and his SB Motorsport team not only completed the task within an extremely tight timeframe, they created an absolute weapon in the process. From taking delivery of the R35 to applying the final livery, this short film from Monster Energy shows how it […]

    The post How To Build An LSX V8 GT-R In 2.5 Months appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    By the time that you read this I’ll have been flogged and exiled by Dino, possibly condemned to drive a Prius for the rest of my days. Even worse, they might put me in charge of managing Paddy McGrath’s Cutting Room Floor archives, or force-feed me supercar spotting videos on YouTube. Under such terrifying threats I’ll […]

    The post Project 2000 Gets V8-Swapped appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    Even so, I didn’t look closely enough to appreciate exactly what I was looking at the first go around. While the car is definitely in excellent shape, if you’re looking from farther away it seems as if it’s sporting relatively stock trim. Certainly lowered with aftermarket wheels, but so are many other Japanese cars from […]

    The post An FD RX-7 That’s Easy To Live With appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    While baking under the powerful Okinawa sun at Cars and Coffee last weekend, I came across two beautiful classic machines exhibiting this phenomenon. Representing the USA was this Plymouth Satellite (which you can read about a little further down the page), and the other was a Mazda Savanna GT, representing Japan. Both cars were attracting a lot of attention, […]

    The post Falling For A Couple Of Classics In Okinawa appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    To regular readers, the somewhat lairy BMW E30 in front of you probably looks familiar. That’s because our illustrious leader, Mr. McGrath, ran a small spotlight on it from this year’s Players Classic back in June. The car was tucked away in the Goodwood paddock, surrounded by onlookers and other cars, and while Paddy was able […]

    The post Two Turbos, Eight Cylinders & 275s appeared first on Speedhunters.

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    Lap after lap, I watched on as this FD3S RX-7 tore up Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. It elegantly glided through the apexes and carved down the famous Corkscrew, taking bits of my heart with it as the power was reapplied. A distinct rumble on downshift and an absolute roar as the revs climbed; even from […]

    The post A Simply Irresistible Mazda RX-7 appeared first on Speedhunters.